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Hey Guys, so as most of you would know, my name is Lidia Ferreira. Im 26, and live on the Gold Coast, Australia. Im a mum to a crazy 3 year old toddler called Addison. Im a qualified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I love cooking, exercising, singing and making any excuse to go out for coffee or brunch.
I originally started this blog to write down my recipes for you all, as I have a following on Instagram and a lot of you were asking for these recipes! So this website is dedicated to you guys, to help you learn, create and be inspired. I really started getting into health and took a liking to cooking when I became pregnant with my son Addison. I wanted to give him the best start at life and in amongst all that, I learned a lot about my own health and my own body. Ive had a passion for exercise and fitness for the last 3 years and for me its one of the main priorities in my life. Before that I was a completely different person and my life changed dramatically because of exercise and gaining knowledge about health.
I hope I can inspire you all to lead a more natural, healthy, organic and fitter lifestyle.

I believe in accepting yourself for who you are, how far you can push yourself and what you can achieve. I want to encourage you to be the best YOU that you can be. Not someone else.

In saying all of that, if you need help with any of those things, Don’t be afraid to shout out!

Stay positive lovelies!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Alice

    Hey lidia! So to start off, you are literally my favourite Instagram and are constantly my top search- you are insane and your life is so so so so so so inspirational to me!! 😍😍 I was just wondering, when loosing weight and toning up, how often would you say raw treats would be acceptable? Ooh and it would be so fab if you made a tumblr so we could ask you little questions like this! I hope up can see this as well haha! X

    • Hey Alice!
      Well I make a lot of raw treats and I eat one probably every few days because I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Raw treats are mostly made of nuts and good fats like coconut, oils, avocado ect so they’re usually quite good in terms of ingredients. But not an every day thing. So you can still feel a bit naughty haha.

  2. Ashlee

    Hi Lidia,
    I’ve recently started to get into nutrition and fitness, and I really want to make them a huge priority.
    I was just wondering what you recommend fitness-wise for a beginner? (30 minutes of cardio a day, weight training ect.)
    Also another question that has me puzzled (forgive me for looking a little silly) I’m a huge coffee lover (I usually drink lattes or cappuccinos) but recently I’ve doubted how healthy milk is. What coffee is usually healthiest? Soy, low fat, full fat? I’m a little confused.
    Thanks for being a great health inspiration and guiding us newbies!

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